CAMEN is proud to offer the "WEDGE" 27Lite Chassis
#2050.410 (4.1" length)
#2050.415 (4.15" length)
#2050.420 (4.2" length)
#2050.425 (4.25" length)
#2050.430 (4.3" length)

#2051.410 The "Wedge 2.0" 27Lite Chassis- New for the 2015/2016 Racing season.
a variation on the original Wedge featuring subtle improvements.

#2060.410 the "Arrow" 27Lite Chassis - also new for the 2015/2016 Racing season.
Also heavily influenced by the success of the original Wedge design but incorporating
a wider and stiffer motor box design.

All of the above 27Lite Chassis $80 in kit form - available now


AND the "EMERSON" 27Lite Chassis
Designed by Emerson Fischler
#2100.425 (4.25" length)